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          全球教席“云课堂” —— Eric Hilgendorf:刑法的现代挑战

          题目:新国际刑法学(The New International Criminal Law Science)
          时间:2020 年 9 月 14 日(周一)15:00-17:00
          腾讯会议 ID:822 705 040
          题目:数字化与法律(Digitisation and Law)
          时间:2020 年 9 月 16 日(周三)15:00-17:00
          腾讯会议 ID:429 489 215
          Eric Hilgendorf(德国维尔茨堡大学法学教授、刑法、刑事司法、法律理论、信息与计算科学法系系主任)
          江  溯(178国际娱乐副教授)
              Eric Hilgendorf 教授学养深厚,著作等身。他拥有图宾根大学哲学、现代史和法学学士学位以及图宾根大学的双博士学位。他于 1997 年担任康斯坦茨大学刑法教授,后当选法学院院长,并于2001年调任至维尔茨堡大学。他的诸多學術著作被翻译成多国语言交流传播。他的代表性著作包括:《医事刑法》(2018年出版),《德国刑法手册》(2018年出版)和《刑法案例研习》(2008年出版)等。
              Eric Hilgendorf 教授研究兴趣领域广泛,在刑法、刑事诉讼法、法哲学、法律与自动化交通及人工智能等领域贡献颇大,他还涉猎医事刑法与生物伦理等领域。他于 2010 年牵头成立了日后在工业、交通与私人自动化系统领域闻名遐迩的“Forschungsstelle Robotrecht” 研究中心。2013 年起,他担任 AdaptIVe 项目泛欧法律事务组组长。2016年,他被德国交通运输部部长 Alexander Dobrindt 任命为德国国家自动驾驶伦理委员会委员。自2019年起,他担任新成立的巴伐利亚数字化转型研究所主任。此外,他还是欧洲人工智能高级别专家组成员。
          Eric Hilgendorf holds a degree in Philosophy, Modern History, and Law from the University of Tübingen (BA/MA equivalent). In 1997 he was appointed Professor of Criminal Law (and related fields) at the University of Constance and later elected Dean of the Law Faculty there. In 2001 he moved to the University of Würzburg and became the Chair of the Department of Criminal Law, Criminal Justice, Legal Theory, Information and Computer Science Law. His fields of expertise and interest also include medical criminal law and bioethics. In 2010, Hilgendorf founded the "Forschungsstelle Robotrecht", a well-known research centre addressing legal issues related to autonomous systems in industrial processes, transport and private life. Since 2013, he is head of the pan-European legal research group of AdaptIVe, an EU-funded research project on the development of autonomous vehicles. In 2016, he was appointed by Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure Alexander Dobrindt to serve on the German government's Ethics Commission on Autonomous Driving. Since 2019, Hilgendorf is Co-Director of the newly founded Bavarian Research Institute for Digital Transformation (BIDT). Moreover, he is member of the European High Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence.
          Hilgendorf is the author of multiple books, essays, and annotations. Many of his works have been translated into other languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish and Greek. Among his works are: Medical Criminal Law (2019), Handbook of German Criminal Law (2018), Casebook on Criminal Law: General and Specific Sections (2008).